Sport marketing is a tool for the company’s development.

ASI MANAGEMENT’s advisory mission integrates and appropriately supports your marketing and communication needs in sport in order to create a sustainable partnership.

Sports partnership actions require a precise analysis of the brand’s identity, then an alignment with the company’s overall values and strategy: individual sport or team sport? Regional, National or International impact ?

In order to answer these questions, ASI MANAGEMENT accompanies you in your strategic choices and helps you position your brands as part of a strategy of identification and differentiation in front of competitors.

Audit of the brand :

  • Recent status and evolution of the company’s reputation and/or brand image (current customers, potential customers, distributors, prescribers, etc.).
  • The main objectives of a marketing strategy: volume and market share, profitability, brand image and reputation, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The strategic recommendations:

  • Determining the sport discipline according to the issue of the brand
  • Associating the sport personality(s) most aligned with the brand values
  • Combine the event with the brand
  • Monitoring and optimizing sport partnerships

ASI MANAGEMENT advises and assists its clients on the entire operation thanks to its knowledge of the sports and artistic environment, which allows the optimization of the sponsoring strategy and guarantees results.

  • Negotiate contracts and establish partnership
  • Maximizing media impact of sponsorship
  • Optimizing committed budgets
  • Control of the operation as a whole